Motor Systems

Kitashiba’s High-Quality Motors — Since 1955

In 1955, Kitashiba entered the automotive motor market with blower motors for car heaters.
Back in the 1950s, they were built to order because there was little demand for car heater blower motors. In the 1980s, Kitashiba released a blower motor series with high-air-volume, high-output-power, and low-acoustic-noise models and began mass-producing them.
Kitashiba has continually developed new blower motors with lower noise and higher quality. Our blower motors are now used in numerous vehicles all over the world.
Automotive motors have improved over the decades in terms of performance, quality, and cost reduction. We are and will remain totally committed to delivering further improvements to meet increasingly stringent requirements for low noise, high quality, and high efficiency.

Total sales exceeding 100 million units

History of Small Motors