Industrial Systems

Small-Capacity Induction Furnace (Micromelters)

Compact Systems Suitable for Research and High-Mix Low-Volume Production

To address the need for a research furnace for the casting of prototypes, Kitashiba offers compact, easy-to-operate induction furnaces that integrate a power supply unit and a furnace on the same base.


System outline

Power supply capacity 30 to 100kW
Power supply frequency 1,000 to 3,000Hz
(1,000Hz at 100kW)
Input voltage 200 VAC - 50/60Hz - 3φ
Molten metal volume 5 to 100kg (cast iron)
Melting materials Cast iron, steel, copper alloys, etc.
External dimensions Width 2,000mm
Depth 2,400mm
Height 2,600mm
(with filter)
Furnace height 1,000mm