Environmental Management

Environmental Policy

Kitashiba is committed to bringing dreams and joy to the people of Fukushima and other prefectures in the Tohoku region, and passing beautiful and rich nature to future generations. Through environmentally friendly products and solutions that support natural energy deployment, Kitashiba Group endeavors to help prevent global warming, conserve biodiversity, and actively promote resource recycling to realize a sustainable society.

Promotion of environmental management

We will observe applicable laws and international rules and endeavor to achieve environmentally friendly business operation while cooperating with our partners to enhance our environmental activities.

Provision of environmentally conscious products and services

We will promote the development and provision of environmentally conscious technologies to improve energy efficiency, reduce the size and weight of products so as to reduce the amount of resource input, and reduce the consumption of, or use alternatives for, the designated chemical substances. We will utilize these technologies in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling products and services.

Reduction in environmental loads

We will promote efficient utilization of limited natural resources and energy in our business processes. We will endeavor to reduce environmental loads and prevent pollution by reducing the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, chemical substances, and the total amount of waste generated.

Voluntary environmental conservation activities

We will provide educational programs to raise environmental consciousness among employees, actively promote mutual understanding and cooperation with local communities, and endeavor to fulfill our local social responsibilities. such as natural conservation.

April 1,2024

Hideyasu Ando,President and Chief Executive Officer (Environmental Management Officer)