Privacy Policy

KITASHIBA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to Our Company) firmly believes that protection of individual information is one of the fundamental business operations of Our Company and at the same time, the social responsibility of Our Company. Our Company hereby defines the following policies on individual information protection of privacy and endeavors to ensure its implementation.

  • When Our Company collects individual information, Our Company will express its object in advance and perform the information collection with legitimate and fair measures.
  • When Our Company utilizes individual information, Our Company will perform the utilization limited to the scope of the object.
  • Our Company will take proper countermeasure such as employee education and others in order to prevent illegal access to the individual information, and loss, erroneous use, falsification and divulge of the individual information from arising.
  • Our Company will observe the laws and ordinances and other rules on the protection of individual information.

April 1, 2005