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High efficiency induction furnace equipment
Reduce 6-8% of melting basic unit.

Our brand new “Elesave Furnace” series is characterized by low environmental load, and is able to reduce power consumption.

Energy saving

  • Receiving and power control (Option)
  • Automatically superheating (Option)
  • Control for automatic charge of melting materials (Option)

Safety saving

  • Safety equipment (Option)
    Safety for worker
  • Measurement for emergency (Option)

Power saving

  • Control for automatic operation of cooling fan
  • Operation control of water pump (Option)
  • Push out lining equipment
  • Molten metal leak detection device

Standard Type
High Frequency

  • Free layout of equipments.
  • Production on customer
  • Can be used as an automatic molten metal charger.
Standard Type

High efficiency induction furnace equipment

Improve  6-8% of melting basic unit. (compared with our furnace)

High efficiency induction furnace equipment