Wind Power Generation Systems

Wind Power Generation Systems

Synergetic effect of outstanding technological capabilities and products

Kitashiba supports the stable operation of wind power generation systems. Kitashiba offers total support and total solutions for wind power generation systems, drawing on the combination of its outstanding technological capabilities and products. We provide manufacturing and installation of environmentally friendly rapeseed oil-immersed transformers and other power receiving and transforming facilities, engineering and installation work, and grid connection.

High-Quality Products and Systems

  • Total support

    Kitashiba plans and manufactures wind power generation systems. We provide total support for procurement, construction work, operation, and maintenance from the customers’ perspective.

  • Optimal cost performance

    Kitashiba delivers maximum cost performance to customers, including cost performance for systems manufactured and purchased.

  • Safety and reliability

    Drawing on extensive experience and cutting-edge technology, Kitashiba offers safe and reliable systems.

  • Environmental friendliness and high maintainability

    In addition to environmentally friendly rapeseed oil-immersed transformers, Kitashiba offers high-quality systems and equipment that simplify maintenance.

Wind Power Generation Systems

Delivery Example

Ultra-high-voltage grid connection facilities for the Oga Wind Farm
Ultra-high-voltage grid connection facilities for the Oga Wind Farm
Oga-shi, Akita
35MVA ultra-high-voltage transformer
72kV C-GIS
24kV switchgear
Ultra-high-voltage monitoring & control panel
DC power panel