Electric Power Systems

Cooling Systems

Kitashiba has many years of experience as a heavy machinery manufacturer. Drawing on its accumulated high-efficiency, high-performance technology, Kitashiba has manufactured and offered cooling systems for heavy power generation machinery and industrial heat exchangers for steel, chemical, transportation, and other industries. Highly valued and trusted, Kitashiba’s products are widely used both in Japan and abroad.

As society becomes increasingly sophisticated and diverse, Kitashiba continually improves its heat exchanger technology with an emphasis on reliability, economic efficiency, and prompt response to customer needs.

  • Hydrogen gas coolers

    Hydrogen gas coolers

    Heat exchangers for cooling hydrogen gas in turbine generators

  • Mounted fan coolers

    Mounted fan coolers

    Heat exchangers integrating an air cooler and an air blower

  • Air coolers

    Air coolers

    Heat exchangers for cooling internal lost heat in rotary and other types of machines

  • Forced-air oil coolers

    Forced-air oil coolers

    Heat exchangers for cooling the oil heated by oil-immersed transformers using an air blower

  • Shell & tube coolers

    Shell & tube coolers

    Heat exchangers for cooling internal heat in water turbine generators and oil-immersed transformers

  • Deionized water coolers

    Deionized water coolers

    Heat exchangers for cooling deionized water supplied to various systems