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Parts and Materials Procured

Category Parts and Materials
Metal materials Ordinary steel plates (thick, thin, and plated steel plates), ordinary steel materials (die steel, flat steel, piping materials, and cold finished steel bars), special steel, castings, forgings,electromagnetic steel (oriented and non-oriented), nonferrous metal (copper, brass, aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, etc.), cooling pipes (copper and stainless steel), fins
Electric wires and cables Copper wires (flat rectangular wires, round wires, transition lines, composite wires), connection conductors, aluminum wires, lead wires (stranded, polyvinyl chloride, rubber, and braided wires), water-cooled cables, armored cables
Insulating materials Insulating paper, mica, laminated insulations, press boards, compressed laminated wood, insulating oil (mineral and vegetable oil), resin, varnish, insulating tape
Electric and electronic parts Insulators, bushings, control devices, magnets, voltage transformers, current transformers, resistors, rectifiers, capacitors, measuring instruments, relays, switches, circuit breakers, on-load tap changers, no-voltage tap changers, motor components, solar photovoltaic modules, electronic circuit boards, lightning arresters, power supply units, fuses, displays, wiring components, terminal blocks, crimp terminals, molded parts, panel components
Mechanical and structural parts Bearings, valves, springs, radiators, water coolers, tank products, chassis, pressed parts, pipework components, hydraulic systems, hydraulic cylinders, flanges, joints, conductive parts, machined parts, terminal boxes, metal fittings, reduction gears, tacks, nameplates, gaskets, packing, anti-vibration rubber, rolled parts, pressurizers, measuring instruments
Outsourcing, etc. Outsourcing of assembly, turnkey outsourcing, outsourcing of tank assembling, sheet metalworking, machining, surface treatment, heat treatment, paints, fats and oils, gases, solvents, auxiliary materials, refractory materials, sound-proof materials, packing materials, tools and equipment