Electric Power Systems


Kitashiba offers optimal solutions.

Kitashiba’s transformers are highly valued by many customers because Kitashiba employs a unique design technology, including cutting-edge design and analysis tools, manufacturing technology cultivated through our extensive experience and a stringent quality control system. Kitashiba’s transformers are utilized at power plants, substations, buildings, factories, and other facilities to provide stable electricity supply to workplaces and homes.

  • Rapeseed Oil-Immersed Transformers (ULTrans)

    • Long life
    • Low power loss
    • Fully assembled transportation to reduce the on-site installation period
    • Enhanced safety
    • Reduction in environmental loads

    The use of a natural ester vegetable oil (rapeseed oil) as an insulating oil improves environmental performance, prevents soil contamination, and improves safety. Additionally, the rapeseed oil-immersed ULTrans transformer provides long life and low power loss. ULTrans also reduces the on-site installation period because it is transportable while fully assembled.

    Rapeseed Oil-Immersed Transformers (ULTrans)
  • Utility Transformers

    • Cutting-edge basic design and 3D CAD-based production design
    • Supports substations with increasingly higher voltage and capacity
    • Small installation footprint, low power loss, and low noise
    • Easy to maintain

    While supporting substations with increasingly higher voltage and capacity, Kitashiba’s intermediate transformers satisfy various customer needs, including a small installation footprint, low power loss, low noise, and ease of maintenance. Intermediate transformers are utilized at various electricity supply facilities.

    Utility Transformers
  • Intermediate Transformers

    • Integrated transformer and ring main unit (RMU)
    • Small installation footprint and short installation period
    • Efficiently supplies electricity from renewable power generation systems

    A small footprint and a short installation period have been achieved by integrating the transformer with a ring main unit (RMU). Kitashiba’s intermediate transformers efficiently supply electricity from renewable power generation systems.

    Intermediate Transformers
  • Furnace & Rectifier Transformers

    • Custom-designed (terminal arrangements, electrical connections, cooling method)
    • High reliability
    • Simplified maintenance and support

    Kitashiba’s high-performance furnace transformers are optimized for low-voltage, high-current operation and are tailored to suit the specific needs of each customer, contributing to the development of the steel industry.

    Furnace & Rectifier Transformers
  • Instrument Voltage Current Transformers (VCTs)

    • Development of precision instrument technology
    • Development of size and weight reduction technology

    Comprised of an instrument voltage transformer (VT) and a current transformer (CT), VCTs transform high voltage and current to measurable levels. While being compact and lightweight, Kitashiba’s VCTs are capable of measuring power consumption with high precision.

    Instrument Voltage Current Transformers (VCTs)
  • Retrofilling

    • Quantitatively estimates the benefits of retrofilling for refreshing (i.e., prolonging the life) and increasing the capacity of transformers
    • Development of a construction method for the management of mixed use of mineral and rapeseed oils
    • Reduces the period of time required for retrofilling and parts replacement

    Kitashiba offers a retrofilling service to increase the capacity of an aging transformer by replacing its insulating oil from mineral oil to rapeseed oil.