Material Procurement

Basic Procurement Policy

  • To improve the quality, competitiveness, and supply stability of the parts and materials procured and reduce their procurement lead time, Kitashiba seeks out excellent suppliers worldwide without being bound by conventional frameworks. In promoting material procurement, Kitashiba evaluates its suppliers fairly and treats them as equal partners.
  • Kitashiba observes applicable laws, regulations and social norms, and promotes mutual understanding and trust with suppliers. With due consideration to global environmental conservation, Kitashiba endeavors to procure parts and materials without environmental load.

CSR Procurement (Supplier Expectations)

  • Compliance with laws, regulations and social norms
  • Consideration for human rights, occupational safety, and health
  • Consideration for the environment
  • Continuity of sound business management
  • Ensuring excellent quality
  • Fair pricing
  • Meeting delivery dates and ensuring stable supplies
  • Technological improvement
  • Continual supply of goods in times of unexpected circumstances

Procedure for Entering Business Relations

Kitashiba is looking for excellent suppliers. We welcome various proposals and opportunities to be introduced to supplier candidates.

Procedure for Entering Business Relations

Supplier Whistleblower System “Clean Partner Line”

As a self-correcting mechanism, Kitashiba set up "Clean Partner Line," a supplier whistleblower system, to receive reports from suppliers in case any employee of Kitashiba has violated or is suspected of having violated any laws, regulations, procurement policy, business agreements, or corporate ethics with regard to procurement and other transactions. We would appreciate reports of any compliance violation via the Clean Partner Line.

Reports from whistleblowers are handled carefully. We ensure that, through fact-checking and investigation, the identities of whistleblowers will not be disclosed to anyone other than the members of Kitashiba’s Risk Management & Compliance Committee. Kitashiba will not treat whistleblowers and their companies unfavorably due to whistleblowing.