Environmental Management

Message from the President

Kitashiba promotes management that harmonizes business activities with the global environment.

Climate change caused by global warming, depletion of natural resources due to overpopulation, and other environmental problems are intricately intertwined with one another. Amid such escalating environmental threats, the United Nations set the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As worldwide efforts to solve these environmental problems are becoming increasingly crucial, individual companies are also required to play a greater role.

Hideyasu Ando

As a member of Toshiba Group, Kitashiba envisages “affluent lifestyles for mankind in harmony with the Earth” as an ideal. It is committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by addressing various environmental problems through business activities.

To reduce environmental impacts and harmonize with the Earth, Kitashiba aims to: 1) build a low-carbon society through the development and provision of solar photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, and other renewable energy systems as well as equipment with higher efficiency; 2) form a recycling-based society through the promotion of waste reduction and recycling; and 3) perform environmental activities to help realize societies that harmonize nature and human life for the benefit of biodiversity and human well-being.

As Kitashiba engages in business that supports people’s lives and society, we will continue to enhance environmental management and conduct various activities to exchange information with all stakeholders, including people in Fukushima and other prefectures in Tohoku.

Hideyasu Ando,President