Electric Power Systems

Power Distribution Systems

Kitashiba offers substation construction services and voltage regulation systems to help ensure power distribution line safety. Kitashiba also offers equipment that allows the safe performance of distribution line engineering work without interrupting electricity supply.

  • Thyristor Voltage Regulators (TVRs)

    High-voltage distribution lines connected to many distributed power sources experience frequent voltage fluctuations. Thyristor voltage regulators provide high-speed voltage regulation via thyristor control, enabling frequent tap changes. Thyristor voltage regulators have no moving mechanical parts and therefore eliminate the need for maintenance.

    Thyristor Voltage Regulators (TVRs)
  • Distribution tower

    Substation facilities consisting of an ultra-high-voltage cubicle, high-voltage cubicle, transformer, and control & protection equipment are designed so as to enable compact installation. Kitashiba’s substation facilities support stable electricity supply.

    Distribution tower
  • Temporary transformers for construction work

    These transformers make it possible to perform engineering work for power distribution lines without interrupting electricity supply, including replacement of high-voltage distribution transformers, engineering work for service wires, switchgears, and erection of power poles. These transformers can also be used just as temporary transformers.

    Temporary transformers for construction work